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Potential Trade Target for the Yankees: Luis Robert Jr.

Luis Robert Jr. could be a highly sought-after player this trade season, attracting numerous suitors. The Chicago White Sox, despite having a disastrous season with a 26-66 record, possess some of the most coveted trade assets. Among these, center fielder Luis Robert Jr. stands out, especially since he’s only turning 27 in August and has a very team-friendly contract.

Robert’s 119 wRC+ is consistent with his career average of 124. However, his performance was impacted by a two-month stint on the IL due to a hip flexor strain, which affected his plate discipline in the 36 games he played up until Sunday. His initial 33% strikeout rate raised concerns, but he has shown improvement, lowering it to around 26% in the last two weeks, making it more acceptable when considering his power and speed.

For the Yankees, Robert would be an ideal addition. While he may not be the MVP-level player once hyped as the Cuban Mike Trout, he’s a reliable All-Star who would fit well hitting fifth in a strong lineup. He could provide much-needed support for Juan Soto and Aaron Judge, especially coming up after them in the lineup.

The challenge, however, lies in the fit and cost. Robert is a natural center fielder, which could complicate the current lineup and potentially push players like Verdugo to the bench and force adjustments for Trent Grisham and Judge. Additionally, the cost to acquire Robert would be high, given his team-friendly contract that extends through 2025 with $20 million club options for 2026 and 2027. This control and his consistent performance mean the prospect package required would be substantial, and it’s uncertain if the Yankees can meet this price.

The White Sox seem to be in a deep rebuild, likely to finish the season with fewer wins than projected. Their best hope is to gain significant returns for their current talent, with no pressure to trade Robert unless they receive an outstanding offer.

Is trading for Robert worth it? Considering his potential contribution of 12-15 wins at $17 million per year until 2027, it seems so. However, whether the Yankees can assemble an enticing package remains to be seen.

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