BREAKING NEWS: NHL Insider Confirms Market for Oilers’ 30-year-old Defenseman After the Team Considered Him Due for Departure…

 NHL Insider: Edmonton Oilers Can Certainly Trade Veteran Defenseman, But Should They?

NHL insider Frank Seravalli of the Daily Faceoff discussed potential solutions for Edmonton Oilers’ salary cap issues with Bob Stauffer of Oilers Now. The Oilers are slightly over the NHL’s $88 million hard cap, with restricted free agents Dylan Holloway and Philip Broberg yet to sign. They considered the situation of Cody Ceci, a 30-year-old defenseman in the last year of his $3.2 million per year deal.

Seravalli stated: “I can tell you with 100% certainty there is a market for Cody Ceci. Right-shot defensemen in that pay range are always in demand. Just look at the pay range this summer and some of the money thrown around. Cody Ceci at that number is probably quite palatable and, in fact, interesting to some cap-strapped teams. There’s a ‘break glass in case of emergency’ if Jeff Jackson and the Oilers want it. In the meantime, let’s see what develops.”


1. Work Ethic: It’s noteworthy that Seravalli and Stauffer are working hard on July 6, when most NHL insiders are on vacation. Both will continue to work through the summer, similar to the Cult of Hockey team, showing dedication to their craft.

2. Seravalli’s Independence: Competing with top insiders, Seravalli’s independence is impressive. Running his own show at The Daily Faceoff without business ties to the NHL, he remains a true independent voice and a significant part of a startup.

3. Ceci’s Performance: Ceci and Darnell Nurse started the 2023-24 season strong but struggled after the All-Star break. In the 2024 playoffs, the Nurse-Ceci pairing was on the ice for six goals for and 14 goals against at even strength. However, Ceci performed well without Nurse, playing solid hockey.

4. Stats Breakdown: After the All-Star break, Ceci was +13 goals and -11 goals against at even strength. In the playoffs without Nurse, he was +8 goals and -7 goals against. The Oilers were competitive with Ceci on the ice without Nurse, which is intriguing.

5. Playoff Performance: Ceci elevated his play in the playoffs compared to the regular season, especially when paired with Brett Kulak. He contributed significantly to a team that nearly won the Stanley Cup, including a key assist in Game 7.

6. Future Contributions: While liking Ceci’s game, there’s speculation about what Oilers hockey boss Jeff Jackson could get by trading Ceci, especially after trading Ryan McLeod for top prospect Matthew Savoie. If Ceci is moved, the Oilers would rely on players like Troy Stecher, Josh Brown, Connor Carrick, Ben Gleason, and Phil Kemp at right defense, raising uncertainty.

7. Carrick’s Potential: Keeping Carrick over Ceci or others on the big team is an interesting idea. Though an NHL/AHL tweener, Carrick has become a strong puck mover at the AHL level, and having six d-men with strong puck-moving capabilities is intriguing.

8. Offer Sheet Risk: Seravalli raised the possibility of another team offering a sheet to Philip Broberg. If the Oilers match, they’d secure Broberg long-term but at a significant cap hit, necessitating Ceci’s move.

9. Kane’s Health: Seravalli questioned Evander Kane’s ability to recover from injuries for the 2023-24 season, suggesting LTIR as an option. Kane’s health is critical to the Oilers due to his unique combination of skill and intimidation.

Ultimately, while trading Cody Ceci is a viable option to address salary cap issues, the decision involves weighing his potential contributions against the need for cap space and considering alternative defensive options.

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