“Inexcusable” – Highest Paid Yankees Player Faces Criticism by Yankee Fans After ‘Major Error Incidence’ that Led to New York Getting Swept

Trent Grisham Booed by Yankee Fans After Major Error as New York Gets Swept

How could this happen?

In a Fourth of July game, the New York Yankees faced off against the Cincinnati Reds, and things went poorly for the Yankees from the start.

Cincinnati quickly took a 2-0 lead with home runs from second baseman Jonathan India and right fielder Nick Martini. By the fifth inning, left fielder Spencer Steer added a three-run homer, extending the Reds’ lead to 5-0. All these home runs came off New York’s starting pitcher Marcus Stroman.

The Yankees attempted a comeback, scoring two runs in the bottom of the fifth with home runs from first baseman Ben Rice and catcher Austin Wells. In the seventh, right fielder Juan Soto also hit a home run, but the Reds maintained control.

Ultimately, Cincinnati won 8-4 and swept the Yankees.

However, the situation worsened for New York.

In the top of the ninth inning, Cincinnati’s third baseman Jeimer Candelario hit what seemed to be a routine single to center field. But Yankees outfielder Trent Grisham mishandled the ball due to a lack of focus, allowing Candelario to advance to second base.

Yankee fans expressed their frustration loudly.

It’s remarkable that someone paid so well could make such an error.


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