Report: Kentucky Wildcats Shine in 2024 NBA Draft…

Lachard Binkley joins Bleav in Kentucky to discuss Reed Sheppard’s new role with the Houston Rockets. They analyze Sheppard’s potential fit with the team and preview the upcoming season.

The 2024 NBA Draft saw several Kentucky Wildcats achieve significant milestones, with the highlight being North Laurel’s Reed Sheppard going third overall to the Houston Rockets.

In this week’s episode of Bleav in Kentucky, host Vinny Hardy is joined by Lachard Binkley of The Dream Shake, SB Nation’s official Houston Rockets blog, and host of the Rocket Fuel podcast.

They cover:

– Sheppard’s introductory press conference
– His fit with the Rockets
– Houston’s prospects for next season
– Predictions for the 2024-25 season
– And more!

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