Milwaukee Bucks Reveals Asking Price for Brook Lopez After Sign Former Lottery Pick…

NBA Trade Rumors: Milwaukee Bucks’ Asking Price for Brook Lopez Revealed

As we enter the second phase of the NBA offseason, Brook Lopez might be on the move. Despite the first wave of NBA Free Agency wrapping up, there’s still room for teams to tweak their rosters before the new season. The Milwaukee Bucks are one such team considering changes, specifically through a Brook Lopez trade. Reports indicate that the Bucks are seeking a future first-round pick in exchange for the veteran center.

Lopez, now 36, remains a productive player, averaging 13 points and five rebounds on 49% shooting from the field and 37% from three-point range last season. While his defensive prowess may have waned, he still offers above-average rim protection. As the Bucks contemplate a shift in their frontcourt strategy, Lopez could be an attractive addition for teams in need of a starting center.

Bucks Sign Former Lottery Pick Dubbed as ‘Sneaky-Good Addition’

The Milwaukee Bucks have made modest roster adjustments, notably adding Taurean Prince and Delon Wright. These moves have been praised, with Bleacher Report’s Greg Swartz highlighting Prince as a “sneaky-good addition.” Prince, who started 49 games for the Los Angeles Lakers last season and shot nearly 40% from three, provides valuable insurance behind Khris Middleton, who has missed significant time due to injury.

Prince’s signing, worth $2 million on a veteran’s minimum contract, comes as the Bucks navigate the loss of Malik Beasley to the Detroit Pistons and Jae Crowder’s free agency status. The Bucks, now $3.4 million over the second luxury tax apron, have made strategic, affordable signings to bolster their depth.

*Taurean Prince’s Familiarity with Coach Darvin Ham

Prince’s connection with former Lakers coach Darvin Ham, now an assistant with the Bucks, likely influenced his decision to sign. Ham previously worked with Prince during the 2023-24 season, providing a level of familiarity that could be beneficial as the Bucks aim for a deep playoff run in 2025.

Prince’s Background and Potential Impact

Drafted 12th overall by the Atlanta Hawks in 2016, Prince has played for six teams in his nine-year career. While he has playoff experience, he has yet to advance past the first round. His playoff performance with the Lakers last season was underwhelming, but playing alongside Giannis Antetokounmpo and Damian Lillard could lead to more open three-point opportunities and a significant role in the Bucks’ rotation.

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