REPORT: The situation regarding Evander Kane’s health and status with the Edmonton Oilers has left many fans puzzled…

 What’s Really Going On with the Oilers and Evander Kane?

The situation regarding Evander Kane’s health and status with the Edmonton Oilers has left many fans puzzled. Initially, reports suggested that Kane might require surgery and face a long recovery period. However, other reports contradicted this, indicating that Kane would be ready for the start of the next season. He was even seen golfing and attending events like the Calgary Stampede, appearing injury-free.

Ryan McLeod Trade and Cap Space

The recent trade of Ryan McLeod suggests that the Oilers expect Kane to return, freeing up cap space for his contract. However, this move isn’t definitive evidence of Kane’s status. David Pagnotta of The Fourth Period and NHL Network reported that the Oilers are still seeking to upgrade their defense, ideally moving Kane’s contract, although his health remains uncertain.

Kane’s Injury Details

Kane missed significant time during the Stanley Cup Final due to a hip injury and a sports hernia, affecting his performance. Acting General Manager Jeff Jackson acknowledged Kane’s injuries and mentioned that the team is seeking medical advice to decide the best course of action. Kane’s injury issues were serious enough to keep him out of the Final, but the exact severity remains unclear.

Recovery and Conflicting Reports

Conflicting reports about Kane’s recovery have added to the confusion. The 2 Mutts Hockey Podcast claimed that Kane should be ready for training camp in September. His participation in activities like golfing suggests positive recovery progress, though the impact of a sports hernia on such activities can vary.

Trade Rumors and Kane’s Preferences

Rumors that the Oilers might have asked Kane to waive his no-move clause were denied by Elliotte Friedman and Ryan Risaugh. Additionally, Kane has built a new home in Edmonton and is well-integrated into the community, indicating he might not be keen on a trade. Kane has expressed a desire to be part of the Oilers’ winning culture, making a trade seem unlikely.

Oilers’ Offseason Challenges

The Oilers are $2.5 million over the cap and need to re-sign restricted free agents Philip Broberg and Dylan Holloway, along with extending Leon Draisaitl’s contract. This financial juggling act has led to speculation about further trades. Kane’s health status is a crucial part of this equation. If the team is considering trading him, he needs to be healthy, as no team will take on his contract if surgery is required. Conversely, if the Oilers plan to keep him, they must ensure he returns to full health, as his physicality and scoring are vital to the team.

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