REPORT: Maple Leafs GM Faces Severe Criticism for Controversial Longer Term Free Agent Deal on Dallas Stars Defenseman…

Leafs Paid $12 Million Extra & Longer Term in Controversial Free Agent Deal

The Toronto Maple Leafs signed former Dallas Stars defenseman Chris Tanev to one of the most significant contracts of the offseason.

Toronto Star insider Nick Kypreos reported that the Maple Leafs outbid other teams with a longer term and an additional $12 million over the Stars’ offer. Maple Leafs GM Brad Treliving secured Tanev with a six-year, $27-million contract after previous attempts to acquire him failed.

Kypreos noted that while many teams were willing to offer Tanev a higher annual salary for a shorter term, Treliving’s offer was irresistible. The Stars had offered $15 million over three years, an annual average of $5 million, whereas the Leafs’ offer averaged $4.5 million per year but totaled more.

Despite Treliving’s success, Scott Maxwell of Daily Faceoff included Tanev’s contract among the “Honorable Mentions” for the worst deals of 2024. Maxwell argued that although Tanev is a valuable addition, the six-year deal for a 34-year-old player is risky, especially considering the potential for long-term injury.

Chris Tanev’s signing, just before the opening of free agency, was labeled risky by NHL insider Chris Johnston due to his age and injury history. Johnston noted that while Tanev is the type of player the Leafs needed, the long-term deal is a gamble given his injury-prone history.

Despite concerns, Leafs GM Treliving praised Tanev’s defensive skills and leadership qualities, calling him an elite defensive player and a culture carrier for the team. Treliving acknowledged Tanev’s age but emphasized his recent performance as one of the top shutdown defensemen in the league.

Analysts like Ruper McDonald and Dom Luszczyszyn expressed excitement about Tanev joining the Leafs but were wary of the long contract term. McDonald described Tanev’s signing as the most exciting addition to the Maple Leafs but was concerned about the contract’s terms. Luszczyszyn predicted that while Tanev’s deal might be favorable in the short term, it could become problematic as he ages.

In summary, while Chris Tanev’s signing by the Maple Leafs has been met with mixed reactions, concerns about the contract’s length and Tanev’s age persist among analysts and fans.

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