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DaRon Holmes II Set to Thrive with Denver Nuggets

Drafted by Denver Nuggets
DaRon Holmes II from Dayton University was picked 22nd overall in the NBA Draft by the Denver Nuggets, who traded up with the Phoenix Suns to secure him. The trade involved the 28th pick (Ryan Dunn, Virginia University), the 56th pick (later traded to the New York Knicks), and second-round picks for 2026 and 2031.

A Worthwhile Trade
Giving up three second-round picks to move up six spots could be seen as minor, especially if Holmes II meets expectations. He joins a team with MVP Nikola Jokić and NBA champions Aaron Gordon and DeAndre Jordan, who is expected to re-sign for another year.

Holmes’ Inspiration
At the NBA Draft Combine, Holmes II expressed admiration for players like Naz Reid, Al Horford, Nikola Jokić, and Aaron Gordon. Now, he will have the chance to play alongside and learn from Jokić and Gordon.

Versatility on the Court
Holmes II’s versatility allows him to play both power forward and center. Unlike Jokić, who strictly plays center, Holmes II’s game extends from the paint to the three-point line, where he shot 38.6% last season. His improvement in three-point shooting from the previous season shows his potential.

Shooting and Playmaking
Holmes II’s stats show growth in his offensive game, with a notable increase in three-point attempts and efficiency. Despite a dip in field goal percentage, his true shooting percentage remained stable. He also improved his playmaking skills, averaging 2.6 assists last season.

Defensive Strength
Defensively, Holmes II has been solid, showing consistent performance in key metrics like blocks and steals. His ability to switch defensively was effective in college, and while the NBA presents tougher competition, his college performance is promising.

Opportunity with the Nuggets
With DeAndre Jordan and Zeke Nnaji as the primary backup big men, Holmes II has a chance to secure a significant role. Both Jordan and Nnaji had limited impact last season, leaving room for Holmes II to step up.

Impressive College Performance
Holmes II was one of the top players in college last season, ranking highly in advanced stats categories. His overall performance, both offensively and defensively, indicates he could fit well in the Nuggets’ team-oriented system.

Summer League Showcase
Holmes II is expected to participate in the NBA Summer League, offering a chance to demonstrate his skills against tougher competition.

In summary, DaRon Holmes II brings versatility, improved shooting, and solid defensive skills to the Nuggets, making him a valuable addition to the team. He has the potential to learn from top players and earn a significant role in his rookie season.

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