REPORT: Jamal Murray Reveals the Reason Behind Delayed Contract Extension Talks and Sets Deadline for Negotiation…

Jamal Murray, Nuggets Reportedly Delay Contract Extension Talks Until Post-Olympics…

Before free agency began, it was reported that Jamal Murray and the Denver Nuggets were negotiating a four-year, $209 million max contract extension for the point guard. While some details, like a potential option at the end, were still up for discussion, the financial terms were settled.

As of July 9, the deal has not been finalized. According to Bennett Durando of the Denver Post, the talks are currently “on the back-burner” and will resume after the Olympics. Both parties still anticipate reaching an agreement.

Murray has been training with the Canadian national team, which boasts a strong lineup with medal potential. He is now in Las Vegas with the team, preparing for an exhibition game against the United States on Wednesday night. Despite Murray dealing with injuries during the NBA postseason, expectations remain high for his addition to a roster that includes Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

“He’s an amazing player, that’s who he is,” said Canadian national team coach Jordi Fernandez, who is also the new coach of the Brooklyn Nets. “He’s very special, he can take over a game, and we’ve all seen that before. We’ve been in constant communication with the Denver Nuggets about his physical condition. So far, he’s felt great.”

Fernandez also noted how much Murray is enjoying playing with his teammates, describing it as refreshing and fun for him.

RJ Barrett and other Canadians have highlighted Murray’s clutch performance in tight games, considering him an ace player.

The Nuggets are eager to secure Murray, but contract talks will remain on hold until after the Paris Olympics.

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