BREAKING NEWS: Jeremy Swayman Gets Honest on the True Reason Behind the Decison to Refuses Arbitration with Boston Bruins…

Jeremy Swayman Refuses Arbitration After Last Season’s Difficult Experience

Boston Bruins goaltender Jeremy Swayman has decided not to file for arbitration this year following a challenging experience last season. Reflecting on last year’s salary arbitration, Swayman expressed his frustration, stating he wouldn’t wish it on any of his friends or teammates.

Although Swayman holds no grudges against the arbitration process and understands the perspective of management, he prefers to avoid repeating the ordeal, leaving the decision to the team. The Bruins still have the option to file for arbitration until Saturday at 5 pm ET.

Last season, Swayman reached a $3.475 million deal with the Bruins after arbitration. Initially, he sought $5 million, while the team offered $2 million.

As the team undergoes changes with new players, GM Don Sweeney remains committed to securing a deal with Swayman, who is considered a key member of the team.

Despite a strong start to the off-season, the Bruins currently have a cap space of $8,636,666, which may present some challenges. However, Sweeney is confident that everything will work out.

Last season, Swayman posted a 25-10-8 record with a 2.53 goals-against average and a .916 save percentage. The resolution of Swayman’s situation will be closely watched as the 2024-25 regular season approaches.

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