Breaking News: Nuggets GM Finally Reacts as Jokic Nikola Sends a Two Men Wishlist he Wants Denver Nuggets to Trade on…

Two Nuggets Players Are Reportedly Advocating for a Russell Westbrook Trade…

Russell Westbrook may have played his last game with the Los Angeles Clippers, but his next destination remains uncertain. According to several reports, there’s a strong possibility that Westbrook could join the Denver Nuggets.

Joey Linn, citing Legion Hoops, reports that both Nikola Jokic and DeAndre Jordan are actively encouraging the Nuggets to trade for Westbrook. While the exact methods of their persuasion aren’t clear, their eagerness to team up with him is evident.

The Nuggets recently lost Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, a key sharpshooter who significantly contributed to their success. Jokic and Jordan might view Westbrook as a fitting replacement, believing he could help them return to the Finals.

Westbrook’s performance can be inconsistent—capable of both aiding and hindering his team with his hot-and-cold streaks and occasional poor decisions. Despite this, many former teammates hold him in high regard, suggesting he’s a positive presence and builds strong relationships with star players.

The question remains: which version of Westbrook would the Nuggets get? The relentless former MVP who always gives his all, or the player plagued by shooting issues and questionable decisions?

Whether the Nuggets’ front office will heed Jokic and Jordan’s recommendations is uncertain, but their opinions could influence future decisions. Westbrook is likely leaving the Clippers, but it’s still unclear if he’ll end up with the Nuggets.

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