Breaking News: Sean Payton Reveals Broncos Weren’t Alone in Wanting Bo Nix in 2024 Draft…

Sean Payton Reveals Broncos Weren’t the Only Team Interested in Bo Nix During 2024 Draft

Critics have slammed the Denver Broncos for using the 12th overall pick on former Oregon Ducks star Bo Nix. Sean Payton and the Broncos have been accused of “reaching” for Nix, drafting a player considered “too old” and “maxed out.”

Despite the critiques, Payton’s extensive experience in evaluating quarterbacks should hold significant weight. He recently shared insights on Jay Glazer’s podcast, UNBREAKABLE, revealing that other teams were interested in Nix too.

Payton dismissed claims that Nix could have been drafted in later rounds, emphasizing that other teams behind the Broncos in the draft order were also eyeing Nix. He urged analysts to trust their evaluations and ignore external noise.

While some believe Payton’s defense of the pick is a pre-planned response, evidence suggests the Broncos weren’t alone in valuing Nix as a first-round pick. The true test will be when Nix starts as an NFL quarterback.

Payton and the Broncos’ coaching staff are confident in Nix’s abilities, and those who have seen him practice report he looks promising. Although the exact teams interested in Nix remain unknown, it’s clear the Broncos weren’t the only ones who saw his potential.

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