Report: Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend, Travis Kelce’s Controversial Comment About Prince William Sparks Debate…

Travis Kelce’s Remark About Prince William Criticized: ‘Disrespectful’

“We aimed to be respectful, especially while we were in the UK.”

Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, Travis Kelce, has sparked controversy among royal enthusiasts after discussing his encounter with Prince William at the Eras Tour in London on his podcast, New Heights, which he co-hosts with his brother, Jason Kelce. Travis shared details about meeting the Prince of Wales and his two eldest children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

“Dude, he was the coolest motherf***er,” Travis said of Prince William. “They were an absolute pleasure to meet. I wasn’t sure if I should bow, curtsy, or just shake their hand like an American idiot.”

Jason added that they were informed beforehand that, since it wasn’t an official royal event, bowing was not necessary.

“We aimed to be respectful, especially while we were in the UK,” Travis noted.

Travis Met William at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour
Travis Kelce met Prince William, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte last Friday at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour.

“I did still address him as Your Royal Highness, and I’ve never felt more emasculated,” Jason joked.

“I’ve never seen you show that much respect to someone,” Travis responded. “You even put your beer ten feet away from you.”

They both agreed that the royal trio were “wonderful people,” with Jason highlighting Princess Charlotte as “so f***ing adorable.”

Fans React to Travis and Jason’s Comments

Social media reactions were mixed – Travis’ fans appreciated his comment calling William the “coolest motherf***er,” while some royal fans found it highly “disrespectful.”

“Travis and Jason just boosted the Royal Family’s PR more than anyone has in a long time,” one user commented on YouTube.

“Princess Charlotte was definitely the star,” another said.

“Great to see a positive mention of the Wales family,” a third wrote.

“Travis calling Prince William, THE future King of England, ‘the coolest motherf***er,’ is unbelievable,” another remarked.

“Seems like William and Travis got along well. Maybe William will attend a football game someday,” one Twitter user speculated.

“Travis and Jason respected them more in private when they met, asking if they should bow or curtsy but were told it wasn’t necessary. They still politely addressed him as HRH. Even on their podcast, they praise the Wales family, and swearing is just adding some flavor,” another user said.

“Travis should have kept that crude compliment to himself,” a third said. “It was vulgar and disrespectful, coming from a fellow American.”

“How disrespectful. Someone needs to set him straight,” a fourth wrote. “He’s only relevant right now because of Swift.”

“Such a lack of class,” another agreed.

“This is how you honor the future king???” one royal fan exclaimed.

“He’s not our future king. For an American, William is just a guy,” someone else responded. “And if he is seen as a ‘cool mofo,’ that’s high praise. The highest.”

“Not his King. It’s high praise,” another Travis fan agreed.

“He likely meant to praise William, but his wording is a bit uncomfortable,” someone added. “William isn’t his future king, but it was somewhat rude to describe the future king of another country that way. A bit more respect would have been appropriate, but it’s hard to expect that from him.”

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