Budget Moves or Hidden Gems? – NFL Legends Questions Cowboys’ Numerous UFL Signings…

 UFL Signings – A Budget Strategy or a Hidden Gem Discovery?


In the past three years, the Cowboys have recruited players from spring leagues like the USFL and UFL. Do you think the team is capitalizing on the affordability of these leagues, or is there more to these signings than meets the eye? Brandon Aubrey and KaVontae Turpin were great acquisitions, sparking excitement for the latest recruits. However, it’s hard to ignore the possibility that these moves are simply cost-saving measures. – Nicholas Angyal, Beaverton, OR


Nick Eatman’s Response: Every training camp, the Cowboys, like other teams, add a few players to meet needs. Finding capable, in-shape players quickly isn’t easy. The benefit of these spring league signings is that these players are football-ready, having just completed a season. Moreover, the Cowboys are selecting top performers from these leagues, ensuring quality. These players are also eager to prove themselves, all while being paid the league minimum. While the trend of turning XFL or USFL players into All-Pros won’t last forever, even making the team is a win.


Patrik’s Response: Both perspectives are valid. These players are indeed cheaper than many mid-level and veteran NFL free agents. However, the Cowboys have effectively tapped into the spring league talent pool in a way other teams haven’t, thanks largely to their scouting under Will McClay. The signings of Willie Harvey Jr. and Gareon Conley are hoped to continue this success. Turpin and Aubrey were standout Pro Bowlers and Aubrey even set records in his first year. Replicating that success might be difficult, but if these new signings can impact multiple games, it’s a win, especially given their low cost. Ideally, the Cowboys would be more active in early free agency, but at least they have a strategy rather than improvising.

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