Breaking News: Denver Broncos Faces Another Misguided Criticism Ahead of 2024 NFL Season…

Denver Broncos Face Misguided Criticism Ahead of 2024 NFL Season

When will the skepticism end?

The Denver Broncos have embarked on a new chapter with the selection of Bo Nix in the 2024 NFL Draft. Despite this, Bleacher Report has criticized the team’s rebuilding efforts, which seems perplexing. Here’s their take:

“The Denver Broncos complicated their situation the moment they traded for Russell Wilson. Although it might seem unfair to critique a 2022 decision, it set the stage for the entire 2024 offseason.

Sean Payton and Wilson couldn’t find synergy, forcing the Broncos to choose between their head coach and quarterback this offseason. They chose to support the coach.

This might be the right choice. Wilson, now 35, has clearly declined, whereas Payton, a Super Bowl-winning coach, could have a much longer career ahead of him.

However, this decision burdens them with an $85 million dead cap charge over the next two seasons.

It also raises questions about their quarterback position. Denver picked Bo Nix at 12th overall, but he was the sixth quarterback taken and the 61st overall on our big board.

The Broncos are heavily relying on Payton to help the Oregon product exceed his pre-draft expectations.

Additionally, there’s an ongoing contract issue with Courtland Sutton and limited depth behind him at receiver. They signed Josh Reynolds and drafted Troy Franklin in the fourth round after trading Jerry Jeudy for two Day 3 picks.

A lot needs to go right for Payton and the Broncos to improve on their 2023 performance.”

– Alex Ballentine

Bleacher Report seems fixated on their own ranking of Bo Nix as the 61st player on their big board. However, the Broncos ranked Nix as their third-best quarterback, recognizing his strengths that align well with their offensive scheme under Sean Payton in his second year.

So, how are the Broncos failing their rebuild? Isn’t this the right approach? They moved on from an aging veteran quarterback and drafted a rookie. They’ve also built a solid offense around him, including key additions at wide receiver and offensive line through free agency and the draft.

Alex Ballentine and Bleacher Report seem to have missed the mark. The Broncos have taken significant steps in their rebuild, investing in the offensive line, run game, and a deep wide receiver corps. With eight wins last season, this team is no pushover.

How are the Denver Broncos failing their rebuild plans?

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