Breaking News: Iowa Wide Receiver Faces Multiple Felony Charges After his Arrest in Iowa City…

Iowa wide receiver Kaleb Brown was arrested recently and charged with driving under the influence and possessing a fake driver’s license, as reported by several sources.

The arrest took place early Sunday morning in Iowa City after his 2023 Dodge Durango was found with significant damage to its front end, according to police records.

Law enforcement noted that Brown exhibited bloodshot and watery eyes and declined to perform a field sobriety test. Police also discovered that Brown, aged 20, possessed a completely fabricated driver’s license.

Previously, Brown played 11 games for the Hawkeyes in 2023, achieving 22 receptions for 215 yards and a touchdown following his transfer from Ohio State, where he appeared in four games in 2022 and caught one pass for five yards. The term OWI, which denotes offenses related to driving under the influence, is used in five states.

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