Breaking News: Detroit Lions Finally Agrees to Part Ways with 26 Year-old Sensational Star in Noteworthy Deal…

Detroit Lions Urged to Trade Young Quarterback in Noteworthy Proposal

After signing Jared Goff to a substantial $212 million, four-year extension, the Detroit Lions still have several tasks to address before the upcoming season.

Goff’s new contract effectively ensures that second-year quarterback Hendon Hooker won’t become the starting quarterback anytime soon. In fact, his chances of securing the QB1 position while in Detroit seem slim.

 Calls for Detroit Lions to Trade Hendon Hooker

NFL analyst Matt Holder from Bleacher Report suggests that the Lions should consider trading Hooker. Holder argues that the 26-year-old has become redundant in Detroit and that the team would benefit more from trading him now than keeping him as a backup to Goff:
“The Detroit Lions’ extension of Jared Goff this offseason means Hooker will likely remain a backup throughout his rookie contract. Trading last year’s third-round pick to a QB-needy team sooner rather than later would allow the front office to maximize its return for him,” Holder stated.

While losing Hooker would necessitate finding his replacement, Nate Sudfeld could potentially fill the role, even if not at Hooker’s level. The Lions might also consider signing a veteran quarterback later in the season if needed.

Ultimately, it seems Detroit stands to gain more by trading Hooker rather than keeping him. It’s now conceivable that the former Tennessee standout might finish the season with another team.

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